If the fee above does not feel affordabl
Why do i do sliding scale?

A sliding scale practice was one of the foundational concepts that I understood would be a major focal point in my private practice. This comes from my belief that mental health services are a human right. I believe that access and affordability should be available to every single person, not simply those who are able to afford the high-rate for counselling services. While I hope that one day counselling and psychotherapy can be covered by the government, in the same way that physical health is cared for, I won't compromise my value waiting for this happens. It is an honour to work with my clients, I see their mental health being absolutely worth my time, even if that means I am being paid less than the average counsellor. I see how privileged I am to offer this, and it is an honour to do the work. 


  • Individual Counselling

    1 hr

  • A 30 minute conversation, ensuring therapeutic compatibility

    30 min

  • Working with couples to optimize the health in their relationship

    1 hr

    125 Canadian dollars