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I believe counselling should be available to


I offer sliding scale counselling. Ensuring mental health support is always accessible.

Counselling on the phone or on Zoom to people located ANYWHERE

Counselling in person to those who are close 


I passionately believe that everyone should have access to counselling services. Finances should not limit what is available to you when it comes to your mental health. This is something I am extremely passionate about, and my entire practice is reflected around ensuring that mental health progress is possible, regardless of financial means. I think this is reflective of a larger motive: I love my job. I am not in this work for the money, I am in it because I absolutely adore working alongside individuals to see the positive changes in their lives, changes that together we've worked hard for them to accomplish. In my work I often feel inspired and profoundly proud of my clients. 


How I Can Help You

Book a free 30-minute Welcome Session 

A Welcome Session is the perfect spot to start - lets meet and see if we both feel we would make a good therapeutic match. 

And it's free! 

My mission, vision, & values 

the important mumbo jumbo

Mission: to provide accessible and affordable counselling 

  • Provide counselling at a sliding-scale rate- based on income and intersectional considerations 

  • Minimize wait times for counselling services in our community 

  • Work alongside the other counselling services in town and provide strong mental health support for the entire community

  • Ensure that underprivileged and marginalized populations have access to counselling as easily as anyone else 

Vision: for mental health to be considered a priority, met with compassion and support 

  • A completely dissolved stigma around mental health, resulting in a community that values mental health and wellness  

  • An understanding through all of Nelson and the surrounding areas that counselling is available, affordable, and a valuable life choice

  • Prevention of mental health crisis's because of accessibly to support 

  • A community that feels supported by services, knows where to go get to help, and feels safe in doing so

Values: radical presence, radial tenderness, radical compassion, and radical acceptance

  • Compassion 

  • Fighting mental health stigma 

  • Respect 

  • Collaboration 

  • Accountability 

  • Trust and Transparency 

  • Community growth

  • Listening to our members 

  • Social Justice

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