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Lauren: Sport Psych Fanatic

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The following explains a little bit more about me and my love of sports and mental strength.

“Never say never because limits, like fear, are often just illusions” - Michael Jordan

The Rockies. I was born and raised in the Canadian Rockies. This start at life gave me an admiration for the majesty of mountains, the amazing feeling of being so remote that the silence feels light and gentle, the challenge of climbing up and up to get a view that takes your breath away. I will always be drawn to the mountains, to the forest, to the single track trails <3 That is where my soul finds peace.

Biathlon. Growing up I was always involved in sports, and it is still a major part of my life. In my teenage years I was a biathlete (cross-country skiing and shooting a 22 rifle)... Hardcore, right! If you haven't seen it before youtube biathlon asap, it's awesome. Anyways, I was lucky to be able to work under really qualified coaches, with a really supportive team, and took being an athlete seriously while I believed that it was my path. It developed a passion for athleticism, a curiosity about mental strength, and an appreciation for hard work. Upon deciding to change up my path from being an athlete to pursuing an education I knew that sport-related was still the direction to take.

Sport Psychology. I completed my undergraduate degree at Laurentian University, and it was a BA with a specialization in Sport Psychology (with honours). It was THE BEST. It infused a passion for the mental challenges of athleticism, the importance for supportive team dynamics, and a curiosity for the illusive flow-state. As an athlete I experienced a significant amount of race-anxiety, and my inability to overcome this anxiety frustrated me. I really wanted to be a good performer, but I mentally struggled. The pre-race anxiety was so debilitating that it wore-me down to eventually quit. Learning about the psychology behind performance was the most interesting exploration of my own mind and experiences as an athlete, however what I left feeling professionally excited about was team dynamics. The way a team morphs into a single unit to reach a collective goal is so fascinating to me. Of all the topics in sport psychology, team dynamics has captivated my attention the most.

Mental Skills Consulting. I have since had incredible opportunities to work with athletes. I have done work for Canoe Kayak BC, working with their Canada Games athletes. I have worked with the local Whitecaps Soccer Academy, working with the U16 girls team who had qualified for provincials. And I worked as the head coach for the Nelson Nordic Ski Club, and Nelson Kayak and Canoe Club, and prioritized developing mental strength in my own athletes.

I will always love and value sports - when my body is in movement it feels like my heart is singing

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